Create order out of your data chaos
Designed from the ground up for modern, automated, data governance

Data X-Ray

Automated data intelligence for security, privacy, and legal teams

Modern organizations need a detailed, accurate picture of what data they have across their data estate at any point in time. The Data X-Ray allows our clients to build an integrated, accurate picture of their data through powerful automated data mapping and search technologies. Using the power of machine learning, the Data X-Ray greatly reduces the cost of data discovery, mapping, search and redaction while increasing speed and efficiency by orders of magnitude.


Data Classification

Locate, classify and map personal data across your organisation's data estate. Our poweful machine learning algorithms do the heavy lifting on the analysis so that all you need to concern yourself with are the results for your data maps. All of this is exportable as metadata to your preferred metadata catalog and data workflow tools.

Subject Rights Requests

Searching with confidence for individual data subjects in massive and complex data landscapes can take weeks or months in large organizations. The Data X-Ray lets you do this in a matter of minutes. The Data X-Ray's powerful search features allow you to easily refine your queries to pinpoint specific data subjects by excluding false positives and focusing only on the data relevant to that given individual.

Scan Data Sources

Integrate in seconds and connect to existing management systems

The Data X-Ray brings your data landscape together in one place. Integration takes just seconds and only requires authentication credentials and network access. From Google Drive to Box to Windows file systems, from SQL to NoSQL, from HDFS to AWS and more.

Data X-Ray is also fully API-enabled to connect to existing solutions that you have installed from data cataloging tools like Collibra to low-code workflow platforms like OutSystems.

Scan Data Sources