Create order of your data chaos
Designed from the ground up for modern data governance

Data X-Ray

Data discovery and mapping

Modern organizations need to know what data they have and show how they are managing that data. The Data X-Ray allows our clients to do this in just one press of a button. Instead of paying consultants hundreds of thousands of dollars as your data changes, we let our machines do the work. Over time, the Data X-Ray is saving our clients millions in monitoring and mapping their datasources.

Automated data classification, discovery, and mapping

Find data relevant to your processes and know what to do about it

Data X-Ray machine learning algorithms scan databases for sensitive data to understand and report on risk. We help build reports in button clicks to help facilitate internal and external conversations.

  • Machine learning algorithm to scan databases and cloud storage for special categories of sensitive data
  • Easily show internal stakeholders, clients, and regulators when you scanned and the results
  • Reporting through beautiful UI or our API into your native business intelligence solutions
Scan Data Sources

Entity search across your data landscape

Empower data subject access and deletion requests within your organization

Data X-Ray Search makes it simple to find data about persons and companies (named entities) across your data landscape. Data X-Ray vastly reduces false positives by using machine learning to build context around search phrases.

  • Build, run, and schedule search queries
  • Simultaneous search across multiple datasources
  • Keep search records for managers, auditors, and clients
  • Find named entities from persons to companies, and everything in between

Data Protection Router

Track data across third parties

Your company may run literally thousands of data sources from SQL databases to cloud repositories to legacy database systems.

The Data Protection Router keeps track of what data is where, who it is about, and how that data can is used within your own organization and at third parties.

Data lineage and single customer view

Record data transfer activity across silos

In concert with the Data X-Ray, the Data Protection Router monitors and logs what data is where, who it is about, and how that data can is used within the organization.

  • Erase, rectify, and access data across multiple data sources simultaneously
  • Discover relevant data across the enterprise to quickly obtain data records you need
  • Show internal and external auditors your activity across your systems at one glance
  • Easily access data cross-silo
Data Governance
Data Lineage

Break data silos

Monitor and manage data across silos

The Data Protection Router maintains logs of where data has been transferred within and between organizations since it uses the native Data X-Ray connectors. Complex architectures are reduced to just a single integration.

  • Stop building exponentially more complex IT infrastructures
  • Prove that data transfers happened at a certain point in time
  • Trace data transfers for later timed deletion across multiple databases
  • Get updates of when data is refreshed in another database to sync data silos