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The biggest change in data protection compliance came into force from May 2018 with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It puts billions of dollars in fines at risk. And it's not just big enterprise anymore. One of the biggest changes is that both Data Controllers (the end-user facing company) and Data Processors (principally technology companies serving Data Controllers) will be liable for GDPR compliance. Moreover, the GDPR is extra-jurisdictional, which means if you have data about EU citizens on your servers, you will need to comply even if you're not an EU company.

Data Access, Erasure, and Rectification

GDPR is about managing your clients' data better

From May 2018, when you receive data about EU citizens you will be responsible for delivering on requests from end users such as data access, data erasure, and data rectification. There is usually a 72 hour deadline to comply, and that means that you will need to make sure that you know exactly where all of your data is and be able to act on it accordingly.

Ohalo's Data Protection Router makes this easy by keeping track of your data wherever it is and allowing you to run simultaneous access, erasure, and rectification commands across multiple databases simultaneously so that you can be compliant and keep your clients happy.

  • Automated tracking of data between SaaS companies and their clients
  • Access, erase, and rectify data across many data assets at once
  • Be able to show your clients and the regulators that you are compliant
  • Sensitive Data Classification

    Stay ahead of the curves

    Your company may use 100s of software tools that have different levels of sensitive data. Do you know which tools have sensitive data on them and which do not? If not, you will need to under GDPR. One of the biggest challenges is parsing what is sensitive and what is not, even within single applications or databases.

    Ohalo's Data X-Ray integrates with SQL databases and cloud services to parse what data is going through so that you can know exactly where you have sensitive data and can then take remedial measures to solve your compliance issues.

  • Easy connection to many cloud services
  • Internal and client-facing reporting tools
  • Multi-lingual for analyzing documents and data in other languages