Comprehensive subject rights request (SRR) fulfillment
One-time flat fee
Have you received a Subject Access or Deletion Request from a customer, current, or former employee as part of the new EU GDPR data regulations?

We will deal with it all for a flat fee, using our experienced team and custom software platform.
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Let us handle your SRR

Timely, comprehensive subject access and deletion request response

Do you know where your data is? Do you know who that data is about? Let us automate the task of finding, filtering, and exporting your data subject access request for you.

Ensure a comprehensive response across terabytes of data

We use our Data X-Ray tool to bring the relevant sources across your data landscape together in one place. We come to your site or connect remotely to structured and unstructured data sources, on premise or in the cloud, across multiple applications.

Scan Data Sources

Build a case file of relevant data in hours not weeks

After connecting to the relevant sources, we will carry out an iterative search for data relevant to the data subject. Any data that is found is put into a case file and can subsequently be exported.

Easily delete or export relevant files for final SRR response

After the case file is built, we export relevant files for an access request response and/or work with your team to schedule files and records for deletion.

Scan Data Sources

Implementation Examples

Making the journey to SRR fulfillment short and secure

A powerful service that ensures effective, timely, and comprehensive responses for subject access and deletion requests under data privacy regulations such as GDPR/CCPA.

Subject Rights Request (SRR)

GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations require companies to respond to data subject access requests in a short period of time.

Finding individual data elements that are relevant to a specific data subject across the multitude of data sources that your organization manages is a challenge. Today most of the data discovery work in SRR responses is undertaken manually, on an ad hoc piecemeal basis. The result is that some companies are expending hundreds of work-hours and/or tens of thousands in advisor fees on gathering often incomplete data about a Data Subject.

With Ohalo’s Subject Access and Deletion Request Response Services, we can comprehensively take care of those requests in hours, not days or weeks, through our Data X-Ray tool which fully automates the request response process.

Subject Deletion Requests (SDR)

Data Deletion Requests are even more challenging than access requests since it requires not only identifying current data but then deleting it while also worrying about other regulatory, internal workflow, and referential integrity requirements that relate to the data in question.

Ohalo will come to your company with the Data X-Ray to automatically find data to be deleted. We will work with your team to understand workflow requirements and then tag that data for various downstream workflows, such as setting a retention period, deleting the data, or scheduling other company-specific actions.

How we work

Rolled out in an hour, responses in minutes.

Subject access and deletion request is not hard as long as you have the proper tool in place that brings the data in line with the activity at hand. We make it extremely simple to get rolling in minutes to ensure fast response to data access and deletion requests.

IT provisioning and Data X-Ray install

The first step is to install the Data X-Ray. If you are only searching cloud services, this can be done in seconds on Ohalo’s infrastructure. If you need to search on premise sources, Ohalo will send you a guide to provision a computer. The application can either be run in JVM (Linux OS preferred) or in Docker.

After that, Ohalo will coordinate with your compliance/legal and IT departments to integrate the various datasources to be searched.

Scan Data Sources

Initial classification and search to build a case file for export

Ohalo will build a machine learning algorithm tuned to your company’s data types (ex: finding company-specific customer numbers) and carry out a pre-scan of the data. This can take anywhere for a minute or two to a couple of hours, depending on the amount of data to be scanned.

Ohalo will then carry out an iterative search across your datasources for data about the data subject in question and vastly reduce false positives by pre-filtering data using our natural language processing technology.

Export data or tag for deletion. Build a final report of activities to prove to the data subject, regulators, and partners your data management best practices.

Clients and partners need to trust you to properly take care of their data. The Data X-Ray will build you a report that shows exactly what was scanned and what data was found to protect you against future action.

Export data