REDACT your data
Data intelligence to remove sensitive data from unstructured data sets.
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Data intelligence to redact the data from your data sets at whatever scale you need. From securing data science pipelines to efficiently responding to subject rights requests for access and deletion, the Data X-Ray allows you to redact out sensitive commercial data and third party data to prevent breaches in your data pipelines.

Secure data science pipelines

Enabling projects that were not possible before

Using your data is only possible if it is done in a safe way. When your data science pipelines contain a large amount of sensitive or personal data, great care needs to be taken to anonymize that data before using it. Often this is done manually at great cost.

The Data X-Ray enables magnitude-level changes in your redaction workflows, changing what can be sometimes a years long process into a day long process.

  • Set up different classification models that work for your data
  • Deploy models to multiple data sets
  • Batch process thousands of documents at a time or push through API for integration into other parts of your data pipeline
  • Subject rights request (SRR) fulfillment

    Avoid breaches of commercially sensitive and third party data

    Subject rights requests (SRRs) for access and deletion require an enterprise to send a data subject personal data held by the enterprise. However that data is often mixed with other data subject's data as well as commercially sensitive data.

    The Data X-Ray finds all of the personal data in your data sets and allows you to delete all personal data and commercially sensitive data that is not relevant to the SRR at hand.

  • Define what data is the subject's data to differentiate it from other data subject data
  • Remove commercially sensitive information
  • Export with a CSV key that indicates what was redacted as an artifact in case the data subject or regulators subsequently demand to know why information was redacted