Data Migration

Scan across petabytes of data to quarantine data by content or metadata and delete or migrate to cold storage.

Find and fix data rot at petabyte-scale

Legacy data systems can become bloated and present risk to your organization. The Data X-Ray helps fix that by identifying where data rot lies with both automated content and metadata analysis and helps you fix that data rot by tagging and putting a governance framework around data identified as rot. Once the initial identification step is complete, Ohalo provides professional services or works with your preferred PS partner to migrate that data to your chosen cold storage solution or simply delete that data.

Unstructured data rot

Whether an email, a PDF, a powerpoint, or any one of 1000s of other formats, the Data X-Ray will identify files based on your definition of rot.

Structured data rot

Databases are scanned on a column level at speeds that humans simply cannot match. Once data rot is identified, you can tag those tables and columns for migration or further consideration with your teams.

Customizable ML classification

Customize our base ML algorithms with definitions specific to your data governance taxonomies. You can add new ML classes or employ more traditional methods like regular expressions and dictionaries to get the highest accuracy possible.

Data governance tooling

The Data X-Ray has native integrations with tools like Collibra to trigger workflows based on your specific governance frameworks.

How to get started

Understand your options from quick and simple no-integration cloud to fully self-managed on premise petabyte-scale deployments.