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The only constant is change

Whether its Sarbanes-Oxley, GDPR, BCBS 239 or others, the financial services industry is under a barrage of constantly changing regulatory regimes. Banks, hedge funds, asset managers and others need to be flexible to respond to ongoing regulatory change. Data regulation compliance is particularly difficult because of the siloed nature of many firms.

Ohalo helps financial services organizations understand their data better so that enterprises will be able to not only satisfy their regulators and customers but also build great products that raise the value of the enterprise as a whole.

Automated Sensitive Data Evaluation

No more manual review of data assets

Simply connect Ohalo's Data X-Ray to verify if multiple data assets have sensitive data stored on them. The Data X-Ray connects in minutes to traditional databases like Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer as well as cloud file storage solutions like Google Drive and Box. After connecting, Ohalo's machine learning algorithm will constantly monitor for sensitive data that you might not be aware of in your data assets.

  • Connect in minutes
  • Stay up to date with the most recent changes in regulation
  • Stop doing manual reviews
  • Cross-Organizational Data Lineage and Secure Communications

    Keep track of data across jurisdictions and even at third parties

    Ohalo makes it easy to track data as it moves between your teams, divisions, legal entities, and third party service providers, whether or not they are in the same room, building, country, or even company.

    Other data lineage solutions rely on a central server to manage data lineage. Ohalo's blockchain data lineage solution, the Data Protection Router implements a completely peer to peer solution so that data can now be sent with complete surety that it is getting to the right place. When you need to prove where data has gone, that is all immutably linked to a cryptographic identity of the sender and receiver data assets.

  • Rock-solid security
  • Just integrate once to share with unlimited number of data assets
  • Granular and configurable data sharing policies based on regulations