EXTRACT your data
Data intelligence to accurately extract the data you need.
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Data intelligence to extract the data you need in the timelines that you need it. The ability to quickly access and take action on your data has never been more important in a world where enterprises need to increase their productivity with fewer resources.

Data retention and deletion

Archive the correct data in seconds

Finding and then collaborating on retention and deletion matters is almost impossible without a centralized tool to manage the process.

Building on the identification capabilities of the Data X-Ray, the extraction features allow you to centrally collaborate on data for retention and deletion, all with an audit record and tags to bring others in on the conversations if needed.

  • Automated tracking of data in unstructured and structured data stores
  • Customized models to define personal data in your organizational context
  • Tagging displayed in reports and consumable by third party tools through API integrations
  • Contract archiving

    Pull out data for mergers and acquisitions, contracts analysis and more

    Getting all of your data in one place for legal matters like mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or contracts analysis is challenging without a centralized casefile management tool that integrates with a "Google-like" search capability that is tuned for legal and security matters. The Data X-Ray delivers just that, allowing enterprises to easily manage small matters in BAU or large matters in one off scenarios.

  • Combined search and casefile management
  • Scales to the size of your matter, whether 10 documents or 10,000 documents
  • Built in export functionality
  • Subject rights request (SRRs) fulfillment

    Identify important data about your customers and employees in seconds and export them into a zip archive in seconds

    Subject rights requests (SRRs) for access and deletion often require gathering data from across multiple datasources and individuals within an organization. Getting multiple individuals to respond to emails, attend meetings, and extract data is hard.

    The Data X-Ray allows all of your staff to collaborate on casefiles so that they can deal with matters on their own time and understand the tasks that they need to complete. When finished, simply click the export button to have a zip archive to send to legal for approval or directly to the data subject.

  • Collaboration across multiple divisions
  • Data subject archive export
  • Tags for understanding status of documents