Press release: Ohalo begins work with GCHQ and NCSC

Press release: Ohalo is pleased to announce its participation in the GCHQ/NCSC/Wayra programme to enhance cybersecurity in the UK and abroad.

The GCHQ/NCSC/Wayra cybersecurity programme is a select programme taking only the best cybersecurity companies from around the world. It brings together GCHQ and NCSC’s cybersecurity expertise with Wayra/Telefonica’s commercial network to enable market-leading cybersecurity solutions. The programme aims to make it easier to be secure, understand and defend, and detect and respond to threats.

Ohalo was recently selected as one of 8 out of 200+ companies that applied to the programme and will be working with the GCHQ, NCSC, and Wayra/Telefonica teams to bring Ohalo’s solutions to a wider commercial market. The principal aim for Ohalo in this programme is to help scale our solutions and deliver better privacy-enhancing applications in our corporate clients.

About Ohalo

Ohalo builds tools to automate data governance. The Data X-Ray automatically classifies and scans unstructured and structured datasources for personal data, cutting down data mapping times from months to hours while also allowing organizations to fulfill data subject requests and redaction tasks with ease. Go to our plans page to sign up for a free account now.